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Classic Rafting

Classic Soča river rafting is a beautiful and exciting trip for all experience level...
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Susec Canyoning

This family friendly trip is suitable for beginners. Think about it as being in a

Kayak School

Join to an in-depth half day kayak instruction session that takes place on a beginner

About us

My passion for the outdoors opened the world of opportunities to be able to travel, work and gather all around skills in foreign countries doing what I love, showing others how it feels to be on the river, in the mountains or even in the air in cooperation with the elements during which one might experience “The Flow”.

After the activity one might sit down and feel satisfied with the achievements of the day that were previously believed “too hard for me to do”or “I am not good enough” but now a hidden switch has flipped over and you might think…

“It really was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.
I feel as if I can do this, I can do anything”

And guess what? You are absolutely right.

Tour philosophy

The goal on our guided activities is to give you the best experience with the lowest acceptable risk associated to the outdoor activity. This means we give you the tools and show you how to use them in a beautiful yet challenging environment to make you step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in something new with professional supervision.

The idea is that when you book your activity that incorporate some kind of risks and hazards such as moving white water, steep canyons, flying with a paraglider you definitely want to make sure you have a pro instructor around to boost your confidence. If you value safety and confidence over slightly cheaper trips that mostly profits businessman, you are at the right place.


Csaba Baczo

Csaba is an international river professional a well-travelled gentleman who gathered his experiences working on the rivers of Slovenia, Norway, Chile, England, Switzerland and Washington state in the last 11 years. His passion for nature led him towards environmental studies graduating as an Environmental Engineer. Mostly you find him in the mountains sharing his love for the outdoors rafting, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding and recently paragliding.
from Swiftwater Safety Institute


The purpose of the website is self-marketing outdoor activities guided by me mainly and my trusted friends as adventure sport professionals. My personal goal is to get more experience in organizing trips, getting better at teaching, working with the important people and moving towards the possibility to steer the so called “tourism industry” towards a more human centered, up to date business model with more transparency and fairness. 


Why Choose Bovec and Soca flow for rafting or kayaking?

Beautiful nature

The Soca-valley in Slovenia with stunning mountains and wild emerald Soca river will diffidently takes your breath away

Great variety of outdoor sports in the valley

From Mountain trail walking thought Cycling, Climbing, Via-ferrata, Rafting, Kayaking, Zipline to Skydiving, Paragliding

Passion for the outdoors

We love what we do and it makes us accomplished and happy to share it with you

Pro Certified Instructors

We do not save on our guides salary so we can afford to work with the pros

Nature awareness

Ask your guide about our role in outdoor protection

We really know the answers

We are the trip leaders on site and behind the phone and emails, not just the organizers
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