My good friends Levi and Mate decided to go All In in the year of 2020, put all there previously hard earn knowledge and money together to open a new outdoor company in the heart of the beautiful Engadin Valley.  

The guides at Engadine Outdoor Center are one of the best in the so called “rafting industry” so the guests can benefit highly from there stress-free, relaxed yet professional safety oriented approach. 

There are mainly 2 trip option available at the moment. An easier beginner friendly section on the lower middle part of the river also suitable for families and children and the upper, more demanding and action packed section called “The Giarsun gorge”

If you are interested and would like to learn more, check out their website at:


The Lee Valley White water centre is a fully man made whitewater park and in fully I mean it is built from the ground up without using any sort of previously existing waterway.  There is a base pond reservoir for the swimming poolish water from which 13 m3/s volume is made to circulate around by electric powered pumps in a 300m long with 5.5m drop concrete channel full of obstacles to create optimal waves, safe whitewater features mainly to host slalom canoeing events and do rafting, kayaking.  Sounds fun? Well in my experience for a regular nature person and most real river guides, the idea to work in such a place is not so appealing. I spent 10 month working there in 2017 so let me tell you about my insights and maybe widen your perspective on the subject.

Being in Norway as a raft guide in 2015 was my first non-Slovenian guiding summer. As I look back at it from 2020 I can see how easy my life was being in a relative low population density area, living next to farmers and taking tourists and locals rafting on the short section of the Otta river doing around 6-10 trips a week. I stayed from the middle of May till the end of September enjoying the quietness of the mountains and some easier river sections around the area also doing some cycling, canyoning, hiking and a bit of caving with Lom&Skjak Adventure working as an outdoor activity guide. One might call it adventure instructor and other similar fancy names.


Being on the Soca river, in a canyon or in the Soca-valley in general will definitely be once in a lifetime experience. Here you find a few tips what you should keep in mind before you embark on a journey.

            From a scientific, economic and agricultural standpoint this is a very easy position to defend; we rely on rivers for transport and trade, to water our farms and supply drinking water to our cities. Since the dawn of settled human history we have built our civilizations around rivers for these very reasons. But there is more to the importance of rivers than just trade quotas and marine highway statistics. It is easy to quantify the importance of rivers, to throw out impressive numbers to prove how much we rely on them in a dozen different aspects of our daily lives; but few people fall in love with numbers. We do not love the rivers for their contribution to international trade or the annual allotted drinking water; it is something more, something far from the dry lists of numbers and research results, that keeps us coming back again and again and ties the rivers so thoroughly into our culture.

Find the original article on Triad River Tours website, a company I got an opportunity in 2019 to run rivers in the Pacific Northwest, USA for 3 month.