White water kayaking is the ultimate form of river running. The sport today implements state of the art technology for boat and equipment development. The progress in technology made in the last decade unlocked the possibility to run demanding river sections with improved safety. Kayaking today became a lot of fun, enthusiasm for adventure and the experience of nature. As a trend and extreme sport it is attractive and popular especially among younger people.

Good coaching is a valuable investment!

Especially when it comes to running whitewater. Having a qualified instructor around you on your first attempts is awesome. It helps to lay down firm foundation for smooth future progression in your own development by ensuring that the basics are learnt well and bad habits are not developed by trying to figure out the sport on your own.

On the river you are a discoverer, your own master in bondage with nature and the elements. Unlike in our over regulated society on the river you are free to navigate, find and choose your own way and your own tactic. Your curiosity and the current sweep you along. There is no immediate stop in the middle of the ”Flow”. It is a challenge and heading for new frontiers demands a lot of courage and dedication. 

Kayaking can bring the purest experience of joy and happiness.

The best way to become a safe paddler is to be a better paddler. To become a better paddler it is highly recommended to join our Kayak School classes.


Kayak School

Join to an in-depth half day kayak instruction session that takes place on a beginner friendly section of the Soca river.
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per person

2 day Kayak School

2 times half day long kayak instruction sessions on the Soca river near Bovec, Slovenia in an amazing environment for beginners

5 day Kayak School

From Zero to Hero. All around awesome 5 times half day long kayak instruction sessions for the one looking for serious progress made in a short period of time. I
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per person

Kayak trip

This is a shorter version of a regular kayak school session for the ones who just want to go for it without detailed explanation of paddling technics and in-dept practice
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