Rafting in Switzerland with Engadin Outdoor Center

My good friends Levi and Mate decided to go All In in the year of 2020, put all there previously hard earn knowledge and money together to open a new outdoor company in the heart of the beautiful Engadin Valley.  

The guides at Engadine Outdoor Center are one of the best in the so called “rafting industry” so the guests can benefit highly from there stress-free, relaxed yet professional safety oriented approach. 

There are mainly 2 trip option available at the moment. An easier beginner friendly section on the lower middle part of the river also suitable for families and children and the upper, more demanding and action packed section called “The Giarsun gorge”

If you are interested and would like to learn more, check out their website at:


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Csaba is an international river professional a well-travelled gentleman who gathered his experiences working on the rivers of Slovenia, Norway, Chile, England, Switzerland and Washington state in the last 11 years. His passion for nature led him towards environmental studies graduating as an Environmental Engineer. Mostly you find him in the mountains sharing his love for the outdoors rafting, kayaking, hiking, snowboarding and recently paragliding.


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