Rafting is the most popular form of river running and the safest way of discovering the pristine Soča river using a 6-8 person raft onboard with a professional instructor. Get your friends and loved ones together and share the experience with them! In case you travel alone or as a couple. Need no worries. We hook you up with an other group or take a smaller one.

The wonder of nature and a wild river are literally at the fingertips of our guests. The Soča river is extraordinarily special with its rich colors, great geological, archaeological and historical past that provides a near mystical feeling.

Available tours

Easy Rafting

Basically a floating trip with a few little waves for a stressfree extra safe adventure
Most popular!

Classic Rafting

Classic Soča river rafting is a beautiful and exciting trip for all experience level...

Long Rafting

This trip stretches around 18km on the river that we accomplish in about 2.5-3 hours.

There are mainly 4 sections available for commercially organized big boat activities. The location of the trip is always chosen based on the actual river water level. Participants desired level of comfort and excitement are also must be taken into consideration. 

The river primarily consists of snowmelt therefore usually from July due to lower water levels, we only recommend to run one section, the lower part of the river called the Serpenica1-Trunovo1 main commercial one for rafting with bigger boats.

We tend to get wet anyway so river trips are not so much weather dependent, except thunderstorms and ice pellet are present. Please do not cancel your trip if weather forecast shows chances of rain!

To deal with rain and colder conditions we are equipped to hand out thicker wetsuits and spray jackets.

In order to avoid peak tourism season and get away from the crowd, it is highly recommended to visit the Soča valley in Spring and Autumn.