Stand Up paddle boarding on white water started to became popular in the USA around  2012. That time my current boss spent his winter there getting familiar with the new way of running wild rivers. As he brought a few boards over to Europe for the upcoming summer season, we as young guides were lucky enough to get an opportunity to also start practising in the rapids.

History showed us that sport needed a few years to settle in peoples minds and also needed an enthusiastic, motivated instructor, my friend Sebastian Toth, to raise the bar and start organising guided instructional tours on surrounding lakes, on the easier white water Soca sections and also SUP Joga emerged to satisfy the premium needs of the outdoorsy tourist visiting Bovec and Soca-Valley.

Learn more about my friend, Sebastian’s enthusiasm towards white water SUP and if you are up for a challenge book your next adventure tour on

In short the Oetz river is famous for the Sicklike world class kayaking race. It was organised as an Adidas sponsored World cup event for downriver creek/river runner category for many years till 2017. Its been on hold for a while but in 2022 it was reorganised under the name of Oetz Trophy.

There are multiple sections for advanced kayakers to choose from. Not quite that much for beginners and a few for intermediate booters. We found quite big volume in our time of visit so we decided to go with a safer bit less demanding  yet rowdy looking option, to paddle the upper section of the river, a medium volume Class 4. Enjoy the footage with great local background music.