2 day Kayak School

2 times half day long kayak instruction sessions on the Soca river near Bovec, Slovenia in an amazing environment for beginners

5 day Kayak School

From Zero to Hero. All around awesome 5 times half day long kayak instruction sessions for the one looking for serious progress made in a short period of time. I wish I had this lesson-pack 12 years ago.
4.00 / 1 review
per person

Fratarica Canyoning

It is time to take canyoning to the next level. Your adrenaline will get going at the 40-meter rappel down through a waterfall.  To tackle the multiple waterfalls that require use of ropes and belaying equipment You’ll need a higher-level of fitness and dedication.
per person

Kayak School

Join to an in-depth half day kayak instruction session that takes place on a beginner friendly section of the Soca river.
5.00 / 1 review
per person

Kozjak Canyoning

This extreme canyoning trip is not for the faint hearted. This beautiful canyon is a close encounter to nature going down between narrow canyon walls.
per person

SUP on Soca river

Time to put your paddleboarding to the next level! Have you paddled already and do you want something more? We are happy to educate you how to run rapids safely!
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