From Zero to Hero. All around awesome 5 times half day long kayak instruction sessions. I wish I had this lesson-pack 12 years ago.
  1. Day may take place on the picturesque Predil Lake to learn basic kayaking technique and paddle stroke progression.
  2. Day carries on on a beginner friendly section of the emerald Soca river to run white water safely for the first time.
  3. Day might be a repetition of the 2nd or 1st day according to progress made in the previous days or a step up to day 4
  4. Day 4 can be organised on the upper section of the Soca river in a class I-II+ white water environment with relatively easy flows.
  5. Day of the course will take place according to progression made on previous days. Potentially already on the somewhat challenging Class II-III lower section of the Soca river or again on the the more forgiving yet beautiful Class I-II+ upper section.
Trips start in the morning or afternoon
Bovec main square
3 hours/day
Professional instructor Transportation with minibuses
Kayak Wetsuit and Shoes
Helmet Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
, Spray skirt and paddle
Swimming suit Drinks and energy bars (snacks)
Instructor gratuity
RECOMMENDED if present
  • Underlayer made of Polypropylene/plastic | NO Cotton
  • Socks made of wool or neoprene | NO Cotton





Usually we meet in Bovec, main square or at the kayaking base

Getting the necessary gears for the activity

You ll be quing up in the base and each participant are going to get all the items required for kayaking and to be safe and warm on the river.

Short drive to the river put in

You ll be transported to the starting. The section of the kayaking trip may change according to actual water levels of the Soca river

Getting in the gear

It is time to jump into the wetsuits and put on the flotation devices and helmets. There might be a quick photo opportunity with your personal phones but then every valuable needs to be taken in the cars. Cars will be waiting at the river takeout.

Safety Briefing

Kayak instructor teaches you all about white water kayaking including:
  • Location, actual river level, actual river hazards
  • Proper wear of safety equipment, PFDs, Helmets
  • Sitting position in the kayak, kayak outfitting/adjustments
  • Paddling instructions, stoke progression, balancing, edging, bracing
  • Wet exit or eskimo roll
  • Swift water reading, Edys
  • Short – Long swimmer rescues, self rescue
  • Team management
  • Worst case scenarios

Begin floating down the river

Rivertime usually takes around 2 hours while the instructor actively works on mastering proper river running techniques and helps with the rescue in the event of capsize and wet exit.

Arriving at the takeout


Carrying kayaks to the parking and getting changed


Transport back to Bovec


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April 3, 2023

I am well known to be a tough guy however in the last 5 days, believe it or not, I’ve found my true successor, a quest to conquer in the form of white water kayaking. The art of mastering boat control and balance in the current requires great amount of discipline, patient and willpower. The reward is a true experience of “Flow”

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