This beginner to intermediate level trip is designed to introduce our guests to whitewater and educate them on contemporary use of equipment on whitewater rivers while floating through the scenic environment.

We show you how to use the paddles to navigate safely in the fast-flowing river, working together as a team, following the instructions of the guide. The Soča river rafting experience is a beautiful and exciting trip also for families from March 15 till the end of October.

Trips start 3 times a day usually at 9AM | 1PM | 4PM
Bovec main square
3 hours all included (1.5 river flow time)
WEAR Comfortable regular clothing,  sunscreen.
Professional instructor Transportation with minibuses
Neoprene wetsuit Neoprene shoe
Helmet Personal Flotation Device (PFD)
Raft boat and paddles
Personal swimming suit
Instructor gratuity
RECOMMENDED if present
  • Underlayer made of Polypropylene/plastic | NO Cotton
  • Socks made of wool or neoprene | NO Cotton

However, the temperatures and overall weather conditions seem to make your trip more enjoyable in the summertime, for the more adventurous looking for bigger rapids and not so comfortable ones, we highly recommend participating in Spring and Autumn time when the snow is melting or raining more often making higher water flow that pumps up the river features resulting a more extreme feel of the activities. To bear with colder conditions we are equipped to give you thicker wetsuits and spray jackets.

In order to avoid the peak tourism season and get away from the crowd, It is also highly recommended to visit the Soča valley in Spring and Autumn.



Usually we meet in Bovec, main square or in the rafting base

Getting the necessary gears for the activity

You ll be quing up in the base and each participant are going to get all the items required to keep safe and warm on the river.

Short drive to the river

You ll be transported to the starting location, the river put in

Getting in the gear

It is time to jump into the wetsuits and put on the flotation devices and helmets. There might be a quick photo opportunity with your personal phones but then every valuable needs to be taken in the cars. Cars will be waiting at the river takeout.

Safety Breffing

Your raft guide teaches you all about river rafting including:
  • Location, actual river level, actual river hazards
  • Proper wear of safety equipment, PFDs, Helmets
  • Sitting position
  • Paddling instructions
  • Short – Long swimmer rescues
  • Worst case scenarios

Begin floating down the river

Rivertime usually takes around 80 to 100 minutes

Arriving at the takeout

The usual commercial section starts at Serpenica 1 and finishes at the Trunovo 1 river access location

Carrying raft to the parking and getting changed


Transport back to Bovec


Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 1 review
August 21, 2019

The river was beautiful. My family really enjoyed the small waves and the bigger splashes. The kids were having an amazing time. Jumping off the big rock in the middle of the river seemed a bit scary at the beginning but totally worth climbing up for the jump.

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